21 Day New Year Body Cleanse


This 21 Day doctor supervised cleanse takes you through the process of ridding your body of waste materials that are literally stuck inside your system. More than just a weight loss program or colonic, the cleanse aims to reset your body’s chemistry, enabling it to rid waste from your individual cells, digestive tract and even your memory of what wellness feels like.
The first three days are the hardest, because your habits are just that, habits. If you can make it through the first three days, you can do this! And Dr. Paisley will be there to guide you, motivate you and help you reset. It’s not uncommon for folks that complete the program to experience weight loss, losing 5-10 pounds. Though this is not the ultimate goal of the program, it is a most complementary side effect!


fork-weight-loss-lose-measuring-tape-mainWe will have everything you need to help you succeed. All of the class materials will be here on this post, you can download anything you need, and the in-office check-ins mean Dr. Paisley can assess your progress, make sure your are feeling well, and keep you motivated. Dr. Paisley will be taking the cleanse right along with you, so you can all discuss the challenges, and motivate each other to keep going!


 Includes the supplements, shakes, and group visits with Dr. Paisley.


Sign up deadline is January 18th

First meeting, Monday January 25th, 6pm (pick up cleanse materials and get directions on how to proceed)

Weekly meetings each of the next three Mondays at 6pm, at Paisley Wellness Center.apple

Call now to register: 858-675-1140

Suggested Shopping List

Purification Guide Book

Toxicity Questionnaire