Alternative Medicine And How It Can Benefit You

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Living in the digital age has created a virtual highway to alternative medicine. While alternative medicine has increased its popularity with mainstream physicians and patients the list of symptoms it can treat are seemingly unending. Alternative medicine aids in the treatment of menopause [pre and post] , chronic pain and even easier breathing.

yoga woman on green grassThe use of acupuncture and chiropractic techniques both, help to return proper motion to the spinal column thereby allowing the body to be in its best position to heal itself naturally. Posture is the master control system for the body and is in charge of every cell, tissue, muscle and organ. Posture is critical for good health and well- being. As an example if the patients discomfort is from muscle spasms or contractions, acupuncture can relax those muscles and increase blood flow to the area and reduce inflammation, which allows better spinal alignment. Or, if chronic stress has impacted the patients posture, acupuncture can affect many of the underlying mind-body patterns, that helped to create the long term stress.

man woman MRI studies have shown that acupuncture alters the activity in the midbrain, which directly leads to less chronic stress effects on the body and restores balance to the nervous system. Of course alternative medicine is not a cure all. It should be coupled with healthy eating and exercise. When posture is correct patients have more energy, they experience better sleep, sustain less injuries and are able to be the best they can be. And those results quite frankly speak for themselves.

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