New Faces at PWC

PWB blog picAnxiety is a word thrown around a lot these days and there are many forms of it. But how do you know where it stems from? Usually you are right in the middle of the anxiety driven episode and are reacting to it and there is never time to be pro active. While Western medicine seems to treat the symptoms and not focus on the cure, acupuncture attempts to get to the root of the problem. Acupuncture is the line where artistry, academics and licensed practioner meet.

With that said let me introduce you to the newest member of our staff Janet Wells. As a licensed acupuncturist/herbalist and board certified by NCCAOM [National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine]. Janet considers herself a “partner” in healing and assisting her clients in reaching their healing goals and restoring balance to their lives. The sole emphasis is to relieve the distress and eradicate the source by moving energy through their proper channels. It is her great honor to see her clients become healthier and attain freedom from distress.

Janet WellsAs part of her long and accredited resume some of her work includes working with the critically ill children and teens at Rady’s Childrens Hospital and at the San Diego Senior Center working with the low income population. Janet is also trained in the practices of Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua Sha and nutritional counseling.

As the newest member of our staff Janet is offering introductory pricing that is cash only in order to read and meet the energy of new clients and give assistance for pain free living. It is $60.00 for first time new patients which includes a complete comprehensive evaluation and testing and $45.00 for regular visits. You can call to schedule an appointment or just speak to us on your next visit.

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